Carolyn and Kevin are getting married.

We invite you to share in our joy! Live life to the fullest, love unconditionally and believe that we have the power within ourselves to better the world, one person at a time. Meditate, reflect and look inside to find the love and happiness we share with each other.

A chance meeting, or fate in the works
Kevin and I met 5 years ago this January. My colleague was to champion a project working with this Air and Naval Business Development guy named Kevin. He couldn't make the meeting and decided to appoint me the new champion. I walked into the boardroom, and there was this handsome man looking back at me with his engineering log book open to a fresh page, ready to fall in love. I asked Kevin what his first impression of me was, and he said "OMG it's the girl from the posters"... "she's professional and creative to boot"... I used to model at GD Canada for our clothing line, and Kevin remembered me from my internal ads. Now that's brilliant marketing.

Our project ended up taking 9 months to develop, and I loved every minute of it. Not only do we love each other, but we love working together too. We are a great team in more ways than one. Over the months, small things started happening to us. We realized our sense of humour was like looking in a mirror. Our taste in music was perfect and almost identical. Our beliefs were on target. And our curiosity about the world was bang on. We quickly developed into what some would describe as "best friends" where we knew it was more than that. We were soulmates. We both felt from the beginning that we've known each other before, but our path was just being unveiled to us and we weren't ready to know how deep our connection goes just yet.

After a year of developing a friendship that would stand the test of time, we decided it was time to make this happen, and let ourselves fall in love openly and true.

The moment we fell in love
Carolyn -  the moment I fell in love hit me like a small MAC truck in the cockles of my heartspace. I was working late on our project one night, and Kevin said he'd come down to see my progress when he's done for the day. Once 5pm rolls around, I usually take off my headphones and listen to music out in the open. I decided I was going to play Air (an abstract French electronic jazz band), and possibly strike up a conversation about my eclectic  taste in music, but he beat me to it. I heard him coming down my cubicle path and the footsteps stopped quickly for some reason. A tall suited man with a huge grin on his face poked his head around my wall and asked "Are you listening to Air?". At that exact moment I was in love. From that day on, we got to know each other on every level thanks to playing dozens of rounds of 20 questions and many evening pints infront of a fire at one of our locals.

Kevin - Help, I'm chained to a desk and being forced to write about my feelings!  It's new for me to write or even talk about stuff like this.  But then a lot of things changed in my life once I met Carolyn.  The first time I saw her and our eyes met there was a feeling in me of excitement, joy, and familiarity.  The more I got to know her, the more I felt like we belonged together.  I never believed in the idea of soulmates before, but I soon couldn't ignore the fact that that was exactly what we were.  We felt at home with each other, shared so many common outlooks, and were very happy together (and still are!).  It's hard to define the exact moment that I fell in love with her.  I had feelings that I couldn't explain and tried to deny for some time before I realized that those were feelings of love.  My heart would feel light whenever I would see her, I would get that "butterflies in my stomach" feeling, and I would feel so happy when we were together, but lost when we were apart.  I finally admitted my feelings to myself one evening when she smiled at me a certain way (I call it her secret smile) and my heart completely melted.  I knew that it was love that I was feeling and shortly afterwards I told her so.  I still get the "secret smile" from her and it still has the same effect on me.